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Green Cleaning Initiative, Georgia

Type: Policy

Status: Initiated in 2004

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As early as 2004, Georgia Tech's Building Services launched a Green Cleaning Initiative to aid our sustainability approach, improve the environment, and quality of life for the Georgia Tech Community.

We introduced Oxy Orange, a citrus base product that includes peroxide, to replace all general cleaning chemicals. It has been tested and proven to kill germs, is cost effective, and is not harmful to humans, animals, or the environment.

Along with the Green Cleaning Initiative, Building Services has introduced the use of Micro-Fiber Rags, Dust Mops, Wet Mops, and Green Certified Equipment. They pick up dust and dirt and are machine washable. Georgia Tech operates its own in house laundry and replaced its residential washing machines that require 28 gallons of water with front load washers that require only 14 gallons of water to wash microfiber mops and rags.

We have Tennant vacuums and scrubbers that are being used in most campus buildings. They are Green Certified carpet shampooing machines and vacuum cleaners. The vacuums have triple filtration systems that pick up dust mites and other allergenic particles from the carpet, exceed HEPA requirements, and quiet operation. We have Green Certified back pack vacuums to clean corners and under desks. Scrubbers employ foam cleaning, which use up to 70% less water and 90% less chemical than traditional equipment.

Green Certified tile cleaners are used to clean the pool deck at the Campus Recreation Center.

Tech uses environmentally friendly hand soap, paper products, cleaning equipment, floor finish, stripper, carpet cleaner, garbage bags and towel dispensers.

Institute purchasing policies require vendors provide only green products. Also, product manufacturers, distributors, or a third party must offer training or training materials on the proper use of the product. Primary packing for the product must be recyclable.

Records show a decline in employee absentee rates from July 2006 to the present.

As we move toward making more of our campus buildings LEED certified and or registered, the Green Cleaning Initiative will definitely assist us in getting there.

Georgia Tech's Cleaning Services is part of the Operations and Maintenance Department within Facilities.

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