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Fenton, MI, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 4/3/06

Vote: Unanimous

Source File: http://www.fentontownship.org/minutes/2006/bd040306_min.pdf



WHEREAS, the goal of Wireless Genesee is to enhance Genesee County’s ability to retain and attract business to the community and prepare the Genesee County workforce for the jobs and technology of tomorrow, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Genesee seeks to blanket the County’s 642 square miles with wireless Internet access and make basic access available at no cost to every resident, business and visitor, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Genesee will address the “digital divide” by providing wireless Internet access to underserved populations in rural and urban communities, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Genesee will enhance educational opportunities and access for all Genesee County students, especially those in K-16 settings who will be able to take advantage of distance learning and increase their understanding of the use of computers, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Genesee will play a key role in the transformation of eGovernment services making services more efficient and less expensive, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Genesee will leverage public structures to create a privately owned wireless network and will not require the use of public funds or grant monies to construct or operate, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Genesee will be installed, owned and operated by private vendors selected in a competitive bid process, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Internet Service Providers will be permitted to sell, and profit from additional services above and beyond FREE basic access. Public entities WILL NOT be allowed to financially benefit from any Wireless Genesee services, and

WHEREAS, Wireless Genesee will enhance the character of Genesee County making it a great place to live, work and play;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Charter Township of Fenton Board of Trustees hereby supports the basic precepts of the Wireless Genesee initiative and asks that the Genesee County Board of Commissioners proceeds with further planning and execution of the objectives and goals of the initiative, as outlined in the February 16, 2006 presentation materials, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Charter Township of Fenton Board of Trustees hereby supports the utilization of public structures to build the Wireless Genesee network in return for low cost or no cost Internet access for the residents, businesses and organizations in our community.

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