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Cavan County, Ireland

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Building on the successes and lessons of the PEACE I (1995 - 1999) and PEACE II (2000 - 2006) Programmes, the overall objective of the PEACE III Programme is to reinforce progress toward a peaceful and stable society and to promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region.

With a continued and renewed emphasis on reconciliation, the PEACE III Programme has identified ‘reconciling communities’ as one of two priority areas with ‘building positive relations at the local level’ as a key objective of this priority.

Peace and Reconciliation Partnership
A Peace and Reconciliation Partnership has been developed in County Cavan to oversee the development and implementation of a Peace and Reconciliation Action plan. Following a consultation process, a detailed action plan was submitted to the Special EU Programme Body.

The plan outlines the actions that will be undertaken in the County to reinforce progress toward a peaceful and stable society and promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region.

Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan
The Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan comprises of four strategic priorities:

  1. Build Integrated Communities and Support Minority Communities
  2. Build Good Relations among our Young People
  3. Provide Enhanced Access to Reconciliation Supports at a local level
  4. Support for the Building of Shared Visions

The aim of the County Cavan Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan is to ‘Build positive relations' at a local and indeed a cross border level through:

  • challenging attitudes to sectarianism and racism
  • increasing levels of interaction and engagement between different communities, groups and areas
  • supporting conflict resolution and mediation work at a local level within the county
  • promoting reconciliation within the county and in the wider region

You can read the 2 year Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan by taking a look at the following document.

Funding of €2,880,000 has been made available for County Cavan under Priority 1.1 of the EU PEACE III Programme managed by the Special EU Programme Body (SEUPB) for the period 2008 - 2010. The administration of the funding will be undertaken by the Department of Community and Enterprise in Cavan County Council.

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