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George Monbiot / Review of Planet of the Humans

Let us look at Our World in Data and population growth


May 7, 2020

Via The Guardian / by George Monbiot @GeorgeMonbiot

First, the headline figures. Global population growth today is 1.05%. That’s half the peak growth rate, reached in 1963 (2.2%).

In other words, population growth is not, as many claim, exponential. The rate is falling rapidly. By contrast, until the pandemic, global economic growth had been hovering around 3% for several years, and was expected to stay there. In other words, it *was* exponential.

After the (coronavirus) lockdowns, governments will do everything they can to get it back on track.

"As Our World in Data notes, “Even several billion additional people in low-income countries … would leave global emissions almost unchanged. 3 or 4 billion low income individuals would only account for a few percent of global CO2"


Population Eco-nomics, Questions Today & Tomorrow

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