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Tackling the Homeless Crisis in the U.S.

Big Cities Look to Develop 'Micro-Unit', Small-Sized Apartments
Los Angeles and California Face a Constellation of Of Affordable Housing Obstacles

“We want the best possible housing for everybody, but let’s stop making the perfect the enemy of the good, or the good enough...

How do we create more micro units or shared units? What about dormitory-style units, where maybe you don’t have your own kitchen but you have a place to eat in the building?” Galperin has also argued that more of the money should be spent on shelter beds and interim housing. “These aren’t perfect approaches, but with so many people dying every day, there has to be a sense of urgency.”

Recalling the Center for New Corporate Priorities


Redlining and Its Damaging Consequences in America

The Color of Law Affordable Graphic Planning Model / Large Format

• XPRIZE - -

• S.M.A.R.T Housing - the Austin Model



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