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Cape Town, South

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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What is IWEX?
IWEX (Integrated Waste Exchange) is a free online system that enables waste generators and users to exchange waste materials. Operating on the principle that ‘one person’s garbage is another person’s gold,' IWEX facilitates the re-use of waste, thereby conserving energy, minimising resource use and reducing the pressure on Cape Town's landfill space. The service is freely available to anyone who generates or uses waste, including companies, individuals, institutions, schools, NGOs and community groups.

Why use IWEX?

  • IWEX can turn fixed costs for waste storage, transport and disposal into savings
  • IWEX can give your company a competitive edge in the sustainable usage of resources
  • IWEX can unlock a market for your company's unwanted materials
  • IWEX can help you locate alternative material suppliers that offer the perfect input material for your business, at a competitive price, thereby lowering your raw material or input costs
  • IWEX can improve your company’s environmental and social responsibility image

How it works:

1. Register - new users
Register on the IWEX system to list any waste materials you'd like to exchange, contact others whose waste you'd like to obtain and receive an automatic notification when someone wants your waste material.

2. Logon - existing users
To 'advertise' your unwanted waste, you need to logon to the IWEX system. You can then create a list of the waste materials you'd like to offer and/or specify the materials you're looking for. This information is then posted onto the IWEX catalogue where it can be browsed by interested people.

3. Browse
The IWEX catalogue displays available and wanted waste. Should you wish to initiate an exchange, click on the material you're interested in to access the contact details of the waste supplier or user. Please note that you will need to be registered and logged on to do so.

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