Basalt, CO Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor

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Basalt, CO, US

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Type: Charter Amendment

Status: Adopted by voters on 11/5/02

Source File:


(Note: Voters approved a Home Rule Charter of which IRV was but one part. The section covering IRV is printed below.)

Section 2.8 Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor

For election of the Mayor, if more than two (2) candidates are running for that office, the Town shall use a procedure for instant runoff voting. The ballot shall provide a means for voters to rank all of the candidates for Mayor in order of preference. If any candidate receives a majority of all first-choice votes cast, then that individual shall be elected as Mayor. If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes, then the candidate receiving the fewest first-choice votes shall be declared defeated. For each ballot that listed the defeated candidate as a first choice, the second choice shall then be counted as a first choice for that ballot. If one candidate has still not received a majority of first-choice votes, then the candidate with the next-fewest first-choice votes shall be declared defeated, and the ballots for that candidate shall again be recounted based on the next choice in order on such ballots. This process shall continue until one candidate has received the majority of votes cast and counted as provided herein, and that person shall be elected Mayor.

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