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Oct2006 SJS 204x287.jpg

2006, Clearwater, Florida

Steven J. Schmidt (SJS)

GreenPolicy360 Founder / Siterunner

Siterunner @ GreenPolicy360


Personal Contact:

Siterunner / Comments

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Vietnam Moratorium Committee-Documentary Intro.jpg

Looking Back: @USC organizing the California anti-war movement/a USC Cinema Dept. film of the Moratorium


Earth Day Flag.png

A Whole Earth Point of View --

Christina Korp Earth Day and Apollo 8.jpg

Steven Schmidt, GreenPolicy360 Siterunner....
DYK? Yes, we do, we remember the beginnings !

Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement




On the 50th Anniversary

Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day

By Steve Schmidt


ClimateNews 360.jpg

SJS/GreenPolicy360: "We are the first generation to scientifically and systemically monitor the 'Vital Signs' of the Earth. Let us work now to expand our vision and act to protect Earth's living systems. The well-being of future generations is in our hands."


Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists

Earth Summit 1992.jpg

Our Biggest Experiment

GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: The beginnings of modern environmental and climate science can be traced to the 1960s and 1970s. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences played a key role in laying a foundation of scientific reports and data.

Memories of the first Climate Act legislation (Drafted by Rep. George E. Brown) 1978


Climate Problems, Climate Solutions

About GreenPolicy360 | "Greening Our Blue Planet"

We are all in this together-IPCC report-August 2021.jpg
Post to Facebook | Aug. 9, 2021

"We are all in this together"

New Definitions of National Security
Beginnings of a new vision, life affirming, 'Earthrise'

Look at how thin our atmosphere is

Thin Blue difference - approx 12 miles high.jpg

ThinBlueLayer - December 23 2018.jpg

'Thin Blue Layer' of Earth's Atmosphere 2.jpg

Earthviews | EarthPOV

Earth Science Research from Space

Climate activist - Steven Schmidt - 1978 on.png

Sept. 26, 2021


Blue green lines 1.png


Blue green lines 1.png


Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists, Preserving & Protecting the Home Planet Earth

GreenPolicy360: The original Mission Statement of the newly launched U.S. space program spoke of our planet and our responsibilities. GreenPolicy360's founder was fortunate, beginning in the 1960s, to listen to Congressman Brown Congressman George E. Brown point to the NASA plan and explain how he saw Congress put into action the reality of a multi-year, coordinated, multi-agency program to achieve mission goals. Earth science, measuring and monitoring Earth's life-enabling systems was given highest priority. Landsat's program was set in motion as a decades long, first-ever digital scanning remote satellites data collecting study. An array of satellites began to launch, creating and combining the expanding resources of NASA, USGS, NOAA, and an array of educational and scientific institutions and aeronautics business.

The overall goal, Representative Brown would continue to explain in his Congressional Science, Space & Technology leadership roles over the decades, was to understand, preserve and protect our planet as we, humanity, develop the science to look beyond the Earth and study 'the heavens'.

Earth Information Center - 2022 Graphic NASA.png

Earth System Observatory.jpg

Rep George Brown and Steve Schmidt - Oct 15, 1969 - 448x305.png

Steve Schmidt & Congressman George Brown

"My friend George" -- a Mentor & a Colleague over Decades of Earth Science Action

Planet Citizens

Here's to George E. Brown Jr who led Earth Science initiatives and environmental law action in the U.S. Congress for three decades. Here's to the many visionaries, thinkers and doers who have carried on preserving and protecting our home planet

Earth in Human Hands.jpg

PlanetCitizen - Your Moment on Earth.jpg



PlanetCitizen / Planet Citizens

It's All Related


Green Best Practices

Going Green

SJS - May 26, 2021 Proxy memories.jpg


Environmental movement

SMOG be gone.jpg

California out in front in a Green future

Environmental protection | Planet Citizen Action

SJS - Steven Schmidt - Green Horizon Magazine on Founders of the Green Party.png

The Human Condition - Hannah Arendt.jpg

Environmental Studies Online

Blue green lines 1.png


Phyto the Green Machine.png

Blue green lines 1.png

Tree of Life on Hand.jpg


Rainforest Canopy Don Perry

The Rainforest Canopy, the Richest Biosphere on Earth.png

Bioneering Science: A "Jacques Cousteau of the Rainforest Canopy"


"Nature's sending a message"
Protect Life on Earth Before It's Too Late

Bug eyes in the rainforest canopy Photo by Don Perry-2.jpg

Earth Flag-2.png Climate News
Time to act to make a difference

Blue green lines 1.png

All species day with homo sapien in Santa Fe .jpg

Blue green lines 1.png

GreenPolicy360: In 1994, your Green Policy siterunner ran for Lieutenant Governor in New Mexico on a "Children's Agenda". After the election, an appointment by the elected Governor, hearings and confirmation vote by the NM Senate, I moved into a constitutional position on the State Board of Education 'overseeing public education, policy and management' of some 50% of the state's budget.

My first act in 1995 as a member of the Board was to propose a "K-16" strategic plan and expand access to the Internet to all schools in NM. One of the tasks I took on was chairing NM Technology initiatives, including representing the state and serving on the start up Working Group for a new multi-state 'virtual university'. Online, distance learning has taken many steps forward since then. Over the years, the 'virtual' Western Governors University has grown to be a powerful force in education. Here is a touch of the wisdom and skills imparted via the WGU:

WGU-we are wise.jpg

Launching a Forward-looking Online University / (1995-96)

Largest Online Colleges Rankings - US - May 2022.png

Blue green lines 1.png

BigPicture Media

Green Branching Out-2.jpg

Going Green Best Practices check sm.png

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century A New Vision for a New World.jpg

GreenPolicy360 and Strategic Demands

GreenPolicy360's origins connect deeply with Strategic Demands. The intersection began in the 1960s, with a new Congressman, George E. Brown from East Los Angeles and a young debater, a high school student who set in motion with the Congressman a multi-year journey to develop climate/environmental science and generational activism and strong, deep opposition to nuclear weapons.

Here is a quick snapshot of where our connections and work have led and links you can follow with our group of founders.... relationships and ideas carried forward from the 1960s and 70s and going strongly today.

We are diverse mix, across the globe now with the Internet, many voices, colors, ages, especially young people joining in. GreenPolicy360 and Strategic Demands.... including Steve Schmidt, George E. Brown, Dan Ellsberg, Jerry Brown, Roger Morris, and Charlene Spretnak.

Welcome along... green, environmental, national and global.... strongly confronting and working to solve our generation's existential challenges. Reaching across our home planet, touching and interacting with planet citizens, looking to share solutions to the pressing problems and challenges of our generation.

Links to voices of StratDem/GreenPolicy360 include --

Steve Schmidt

George E. Brown

Charlene Spretnak

Dan Ellsberg

Gov. Jerry Brown

Roger Morris

StratDem logo.png

Roger Morris - speaking at the Washington DC Green Institute conference.jpg

File:Surviving Victory WashingtonDC conf 09 12 06.pdf

File:Surviving Victory conf Sept20,2006.pdf

File:Strategic Demands - GreenPolicy360 - we are forward looking.png


More from Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360:

Dove of peace s.jpg


1992 Presidential Campaign

Governor Edmund (Jerry) Brown Brings Forward a Diverse Eco-nomic/Environmental Platform

SJS / Advancing a presidential campaign, your GreenPolicy360 siterunner worked with the Governor to draft the 'we the people' campaign platform, taking new ideas into the U.S. presidential debate to press the Democratic Party into a progressive direction...

At the Democratic Party Platform Hearings
GreenPolicy360 siterunner Steve Schmidt w/ Calif Gov. Brown
Jerry w Steve '92 pres campaign at the Dem plat hearing m.jpg

Sustainable Economics
Sustainable Economics 2
Sustainable Economics 3
Sustainable Economics 4

Jerry Brown's Presidential Campaign Addresses the Dem Platform Com't
Jerry Brown's Presidential Campaign Addresses the Dem Platform Com't 2

Jerry Brown 92 Presidential Platform We the People.jpg

"Platform in Progress"




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