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To Be a PlanetCitizen


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Rethinking Security in a Changing World:

Environmental Security & National Security --

Take a minute and a half and hit the screen gear for 2160/4K, FULL SCREEN, and watch Ultra High Definition Overview of Planet Earth
NASA monitors Earth's Vital Signs from land, air and space with a fleet of satellites and ambitious airborne and ground-based observation campaigns

Thinblue day319 2016 via Scott Kelly.jpg

A View of "Thin Blue"

Blue green lines 1.png

First Whole Earth Point of View of a 'Astro' Planet Citizen

It's been some time since December 7, 1972, when the only picture photographed by a human of the Whole Earth was captured on NASA camera

Our iconic "Blue Marble" -- engineers that they are, NASA named the image -- 'AS17-148-22727'

Blue Marble photo - Apollo 17.jpg


Planet Citizens Watching Over the Whole Earth
World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

SJS: As we have been recalling the history, we haven't had returned to us a 'Whole Earth' image since 1972. Today, Senator Bill Nelson, D-Florida reminds us from Washington DC, as a former astronaut, that there hasn't been a full, sunlit picture of the Earth since Apollo 17 in 1972, NASA's last manned moon-landing mission. Subsequent images have been "stitched together", the Senator explained, as composites for viewing. They don't capture the experience of those few who have truly 'felt' and fully, cognitively taken in the vision of our home planet, our Whole Earth. The Senator has an exceptional point of view as an astronaut with an "overview perspective" -- In January 1986, Nelson spent six days orbiting Earth as a payload specialist aboard space shuttle Columbia. The Florida Senator's NASA bio simply says: "The experience gave him a new perspective on the Earth’s fragile environment..."

Perhaps new immersive technologies, virtual reality, will bring an approximation of an astronaut's point of view to many in the coming years. Perhaps the realization's up above will begin to change nationalities and tribes to a new vision, a perspective that values a way of seeing all as planet citizens...

"Forty plus years on now from the first visions of our Whole Earth, Planet Earth, we are only beginning our journey as planet citizens..." -- #GreenPolicy360 #Earth360

"To see the ‪Whole Earth daily from the DSCOVR mission is going to be a spectacular re-reminder of our place in the cosmos..." -- Steven Schmidt-SJS / GreenPolicy Siterunner

DSCOVR looks back at earth from a million miles away m.jpg

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Overview and Perspective

See and experience the Earth in new ways

The Overview Effect

Orbital Perspective

Recently Added Planet Citizen, Planet Scientist Pages



Connect cooperative networking 2.jpg


Whole Earth POV

A coming era of #Earth360 exploration, using the tools of the digital age and Internet connectivity, is making it possible to see a connected, whole Planet Earth and to begin studying life-enabling systems (and life-threatening changes) as with means never before possible. Space- and earth-based observation platforms are delivering "intelligence reports" in effect, strategic insights that can broaden our knowledge and perceptions of who we are and how we respond to our global, common future.

In unprecedented ways, intelligence about our planet's systems can be shared and networked via the worldwide web and larger Internet linking us whatever our nation and wherever our community.

We look out at a critical, developing field of #EnvironmentalSecurity as a generation of Planet Citizen voyagers.

  • PlanetCitizen holds a simple value proposition:
  • Cleaner air and water and food is a good thing. Reducing pollution is a necessary thing. Health of our environment is a vital thing.

You can manage only what you can measure Dr David Crisp, OCO-2, June 2014 m.jpg

An API for the Planet #PlanetLabs @Open Source Conference

With the Planet-Lab Platform, Connect to our Planet as Citizens of the Planet

Mission: Democratizing Access to Information About the Changing Planet

API connect.jpg

Planet Labs/NYT Planet Labs, newly #ISS deployed Doves Smartphones in space!

Launch of new Flock of Dove Satellites to Image Earth Doves fly Doves flock

Planet Labs 'Dove' micro-satellites [1]

"Rapid cadence imagery, like Planet Labs is developing, helps us become better, more sustainable stewards of Earth."

Planet Labs Planet Labs Pulse [2] [3] [4]

Environmental Security @Strategic Demands

Planet cit s.jpg

21st Century definitions of national and international security

Planet m.png

A realization that "Security is indivisible" is on the horizon and security definitions are changing as a result of the dynamics of interactive networks.

The sharing of information is creating a new science of networking. Information is being looked at as never before and #earthscience data is now being collected by networked computers across an interconnected world. In historic ways, open data is being publicly distributed far beyond the restrictive policies of previous times and closed-loop systems.

Today #earthsciences are at the cusp of a rich new world of information. As we share these new realizations, images, data, experiences and understandings, we can be certain of a new, growing awareness of our planet and our 'citizenship' together.

Even now, we have inklings of what is coming. Let's look at one called OCO-2. With the launch of OCO-2, a "game changer", in the summer of 2014, the data of #Earth360 will grow in unprecedented ways as this first orbiting observatory of global warming conditions takes to space and begins to report home - I am OCO-2

Although the Orbiting Carbon Observatory is just the beginning, the future of #earthobserving is here as we see in new ways and observe our environment with new information never before accessible. Space-imaging is opening up amazing views, with 3D and big-screens and home theaters. Coming soon will be views beyond IMAX as companies like Virgin and SpaceX carry citizen travelers into orbit. Educational and scientific information about our communities is being shared, and linked to, and distributed around the Net. From space, the earth is borderless and with vision of the planet as a common #biosphere and #ecosystem comes responsibility for our shared security.

Onto first steps... We are all connected and wherever we are, geographically, nationally, we share a common ground. Let's look at our home and with an 'overview' from space, see the 'Big Picture' and let's look at the details, let's manage and sustain our earth resources and, as we go, look to our shared quality of life onboard the "only home we've ever known."

Here's to our future and future of #Environmental Security

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BlueMarble-2001-2002 wikicommons m.jpg

The Big Picture: Earth from Space

The world of space is a world in flux. The term "New Space" has come to represent a first generation of start ups that are designing, building and launching small, mini- and micro-satellites. New players are challenging the old system of governments that spend billions to explore, commercialize and militarize space. Barriers to entry are being broken and start-up companies are launching flocks of satellite birds into space. Earth monitoring is going planetary and nextgen companies are at the forefront, even as the "old" establishment is shifting to address threats to the environment.

Let's go there to this new world, not a 'new world order' but a world that is being connected and is sharing, linking and seeing the bigger picture. The way we observe and 'feel' about our planet is changing in one generation.

Beginning with the first Whole Earth pictures relayed from the Apollo voyages to the Moon, we have for the first time in history experienced a vision of our planet from afar -- we are, we realize, a 'blue' oasis in space.

Now, thirty+ years after the Apollo images of #planetearth360 returned, we find everyday "citizens of the planet" planning to go into space and a new generation of New Space mini-sats sending full-spectrum imaging back with an array of new views of our planet. Apollo's famous iconic images are being enhanced with new ways of seeing and experiencing our planet -- and opening new possibilities to secure our environment for ages to come.

Let's start by looking at an astro-space establishment, the images of earth and data about earth being sent back from space by established multi-billion dollar companies/ government companies and 'New Space' companies that are now on radar and reporting back with multi-spectra #Earth360 data.

Start with NEX, NASA's version of crowdsourcing... NASA's social media experiment. Ready? Are you interested in using your digital skills to help the government/NASA with environmental security? Perhaps you might start here - The NEX Challenge

Add your talent to the grand project of seeing with an EarthPOV -- so that we can make informed decisions and policy... [5]

Observe, consider, act - "The Big Picture"

NextGen #earthscience in an era of #climatechange and #globalsecurity threats...

Join up with GreenPolicy360 and share our GreenLinks and GP360 Open Data. Time to get going -- planet citizens @work

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Earth Right Now

EarthNow our planet is changing.jpg

Environmental Security

PlanetCitizen, a forward-looking vision for "Greening our Blue Planet"

Planet Citizen -

#PlanetCitizens -


Environmental Security

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-- #Earth360 #Earth #EarthPOV #EarthScience #EarthObservations

Vital Signs, Taking the Pulse of the Planet Sept2014.png

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