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[[Category:Civil Rights]]
[[Category:Election System Reform]]
[[Category:Election System Reform]]
[[Category:Green Best Practices]]
[[Category:Green Best Practices]]
[[Category:Green Networking]]
[[Category:Green Networking]]
[[Category:Green Politics]]
[[Category:Green Politics]]
[[Category:Human Rights]]
[[Category:Labor Issues]]
[[Category:Planet Citizen]]
[[Category:Planet Citizen]]
[[Category:Planet Citizens]]
[[Category:Planet Citizens]]
[[Category:Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists]]
[[Category:Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists]]
[[Category:Social Justice]]
[[Category:Women's Rights]]
[[Category:Workers Rights]]

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Planet Citizen Action

Idealist .jpg

Nonviolent Action in Practice
File:Methods of Nonviolent Action.pdf

Black Lives Matter - St. Pete FL.jpg




Engaged / Opinionated / Political
Step Up, Get with the Action

Corita action.jpg

Personal action... Direct action...
Planet Citizens, Positive Change

Green Network, GreenLinks action
Going Green, #GreenNetworking
GreenLinks @ GreenPolicy360




Raise the Flag
Earth Day Flag.png
Earth Day flag

Planet Citizen, Planet Scientist Activism

"Have hope, act to make a difference"

Shifting from a Scientist to Activist

Read about Heather's adventure -- in Medium


"Today, I see myself more as a doctor advocating for a patient...

My patient is the Earth."

Ethics and Climate Change
Climate Action: Our Ethical Responsibility

Climate action m.jpg



Global Climate Strike, Student Action

Kids in 123 countries strike to protect the climate

“This movement had to happen, we didn’t have a choice.”

Via Vox

An estimated 1.4 million young people in 123 countries skipped school Friday to demand stronger climate policies in what may be one of the largest environmental protests in history.

Students Worldwide Striking to Demand Climate Action Change

Going Global: Student #ClimateStrike

Youth Climate Strikes-March15,2019.jpg

Student Climate Strike-March 15, 2019









Radical action needed to confront climate change by George Monbiot @TheGuardian

GTN GreenLinks Trending News
Green Stories of the Day
Climate News

Green New Deal

Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists
Citizen Science

123 earthday4.jpg

Planet API
Virtual Earth

Rebecca Google Outreach.jpg

Be Like Rebecca

Global Forest Watch
Global Fishing Watch

Reach Out, Engage

Food Pages: On Earth Food Politics
Planet API

Make a Positive Difference

Environmental movement

Cause-related M Channel.jpg


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