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New York University, NY Sustainability Task Force

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'''Status''': Established in October 2006
'''Status''': Established in October 2006
'''Source File''': http://www.nyu.edu/about/sustainability/taskforce/
'''Source File''': [http://www.nyu.edu/about/sustainability/taskforce/ NYU Sustainability]

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New York University, NY, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in October 2006

Source File: NYU Sustainability


Sustainability Task Force

The full Task Force is made up of approximately 40 members, with the aim of representing as many key university constituencies as possible, while also seeking to draw upon participants with specific expertise or interest in environmental concerns. The Task Force includes graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, administrators, and staff; representatives from eight NYU colleges; and representatives from key student clubs, administrative departments, and university governance bodies.

The Task Force is co-chaired by Lynne P. Brown, Senior Vice President for University Relations and Public Affairs, and Alison Leary, Vice President for Facilities and Construction Management. A Project Administrator, Jeremy Friedman, works closely with its membership and subcommittees to coordinate efforts and accomplish sustainability goals.

The NYU Sustainability Task Force is a university-sanctioned advisory body made up of students, faculty and administrators representing constituencies from all over the campus.

The Task Force was established in October 2006, when Executive Vice President Michael Alfano announced the launch of a university-wide initiative that also included the creation of the Sustainability Fund and the largest purchase of wind energy by a US university.

The Sustainability Task Force was charged last year with conducting a comprehensive assessment of current practices; recommending a prioritized Green Action Plan to improve NYU's environmental footprint; engaging faculty, students and administrators in sustainability efforts; and developing a method to award funds for green projects

As the Task Force enters its second year, this mission has evolved; the group will be following up on past recommendations, taking stock of progress to date through a comprehensive Environmental Assessment and developing new projects and recommendations for NYU's future.

In June 2007, the Task Force released its Annual Report, which included a comprehensive review of sustainability practices and achievements to date, as well as a set of 30 specific, practical recommendations for greening the campus. These recommendations encompass a wide range of operational areas and sustainability issues, and were submitted to the university leadership. The central administration recently launched five new initiatives which address many of the goals laid out in these recommendations.

The Task Force provides guidance and resources for implementing a variety of university projects (joining the PlaNYC Climate Challenge, organizing student outreach events, etc.)

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