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New Definitions of National Security

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:'''First-ever Climate Security Position Created by Biden '''
:'''First-ever Climate Security Position Created by Biden '''
:'''Kerry Will Join National Security Council with Presidential Cabinet-level Status'''
:'''Kerry to Join National Security Council with Presidential Cabinet-level Status'''

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Over the Pacific August 2015.png

GreenPolicy360 / New Horizons of Security

New Definitions of National... and Global Security

  • GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands / #StratDem

GreenPolicy360/StrategicDemands: The key to 21st century security is "strategic realism". Any full scientific assessment of security threats on the horizon is replete with environmental/global risks that are drawing daily into view. These risks are presenting a clear and present danger, in U.S. Department of Defense terms, yet are being in the whole set aside within current U.S. defense planning due to political exigencies. Forward planning with a new and more acutely aware vision of security is demanded now. GreenPolicy360 and its associate Strategic Demands challenge the prevailing view that is not focused as it must be on existential threats of our era.

Earth and Space, Politics ๐ŸŒŽ

โ…  โ…ก โ…ข โ…ฃ โ…ค โ…ฅ โ…ฆ โ…ง โ…จ โ…ฉ โ…ช โ…ซ โ€” โ…ซ โ…ช โ…ฉ โ…จ โ…ง โ…ฆ โ…ฅ โ…ค โ…ฃ โ…ข โ…ก โ… 

Each of us can make a positive difference

Environment and Security.jpg

Earth and Space, Politics

Environmental Security โ†” National Security

National Security: Enhanced via Environmental Security

@ Strategic Demands: "New Definitions of National Security"

@ GreenPolicy360: "New Definitions of National Security"



Biden selects Kerry as special climate envoy.jpg

November 23, 2020

U.S. President Elect Selects John Kerry as International Climate 'Envoy'

First-ever Climate Security Position Created by Biden
Kerry to Join National Security Council with Presidential Cabinet-level Status

New Definitions of National & Global Security


GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands applaud this historic, critically important shift in the U.S. policy and vision

For years GreenPolicy360 and StratDem have advocated Climate Policy become a U.S. National/Global Security priority


President-elect Biden planning to move fast on climate

The incoming U.S. president pledges to act to rejoin the international Paris climate agreement on his first day in office

Joe Biden - European news.png


Nationalism and Division: U.S. Reputation and Status Continues to Decline in the Eyes of the World

Poor ratings for US 2020.jpg

European Union High Court Rules in Favor of Net Neutrality

Major Legal Decision Sets Direction of Internet Policy


This App Could Be a Game Changer

This could be a very big deal

Thereโ€™s an old truism in the business world: what gets measured gets managed. One of the challenges in managing the greenhouse gas emissions warming the atmosphere is that they arenโ€™t measured very well.

โ€œCurrently, most countries do not know where most of their emissions come from,โ€ says Kelly Sims Gallagher, a professor of energy and environmental policy at Tufts Universityโ€™s Fletcher School. โ€œEven in advanced economies like the United States, emissions are estimated for many sectors.โ€ Without this information โ€œyou cannot devise smart and effective policies to mitigate emissions,โ€ she says, and โ€œyou cannot track them to see if you are making progress against your goals.โ€

Measure to Manage

You can manage only what you can measure Dr David Crisp, OCO-2, June 2014 m.jpg

The ultimate solution to this problem โ€” the killer app, as it were โ€” would be real-time tracking of all global greenhouse gases, verified by objective third parties, and available for free to the public.

Now, a new alliance of climate research groups called the Climate TRACE (Tracking Real-Time Atmospheric Carbon Emissions) Coalition has launched an effort to make the vision a reality, and theyโ€™re aiming to have it ready for COP26, the climate meetings in Glasgow, Scotland, in November 2021 (postponed from November 2020). If they pull it off, it could completely change the tenor and direction of international climate talks.


Big Green / Renewable Energy Storage Solutions

Being Engineered for Tomorrow's World


Climate Models.png


Moving Past a World of Wars to Control Petro-Resources

Rebecca Solnit in The Guardian / October 2019: To define the climate movement as a peace movement means defining the wars it seeks to end. They have been filthy, brutal and corrosive. We can do better. We can move past fossil fuel. We can take back power, both political and literal energy-generating power, from these inhuman entities that have dominated much of the earth for a century. We, civil society, we who get poisoned and killed and we who have built a great and powerful climate movement, can make peace, with our energy sources, with our planet and with each other.


Existential Language

Capturing the Seriousness, the Challenge, and the Crisis

Via The Guardian / May 17, 2019

The Guardian has updated its style guide to introduce terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world.

Instead of โ€œclimate changeโ€ the preferred terms are โ€œclimate emergency, crisis or breakdownโ€ and โ€œglobal heatingโ€ is favoured over โ€œglobal warmingโ€, although the original terms are not banned.

โ€œWe want to ensure that we are being scientifically precise, while also communicating clearly with readers on this very important issue,โ€ said the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner. โ€œThe phrase โ€˜climate changeโ€™, for example, sounds rather passive and gentle when what scientists are talking about is a catastrophe for humanity.โ€

โ€œIncreasingly, climate scientists and organisations from the UN to the Met Office are changing their terminology, and using stronger language to describe the situation weโ€™re in.โ€

The United Nations secretary general, Antรณnio Guterres, talked of the โ€œclimate crisisโ€ in September, adding: โ€œWe face a direct existential threat.โ€ The climate scientist Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, a former adviser to Angela Merkel, the EU and the pope, also uses โ€œclimate crisisโ€. Advertisement

In December, Prof Richard Betts, who leads the Met Officeโ€™s climate research, said โ€œglobal heatingโ€ was a more accurate term than โ€œglobal warmingโ€ to describe the changes taking place to the worldโ€™s climate. In the political world, UK MPs recently endorsed the Labour partyโ€™s declaration of a โ€œclimate emergencyโ€.

The scale of the climate and wildlife crises has been laid bare by two landmark reports from the worldโ€™s scientists. In October, they said carbon emissions must halve by 2030 to avoid even greater risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. In May, global scientists said human society was in jeopardy from the accelerating annihilation of wildlife and destruction of the ecosystems that support all life on Earth.

Other terms that have been updated, including the use of โ€œwildlifeโ€ rather than โ€œbiodiversityโ€, โ€œfish populationsโ€ instead of โ€œfish stocksโ€ and โ€œclimate science denierโ€ rather than โ€œclimate scepticโ€. In September, the BBC accepted it gets coverage of climate change โ€œwrong too oftenโ€ and told staff: โ€œYou do not need a โ€˜denierโ€™ to balance the debate.โ€

Earlier in May, Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has inspired school strikes for climate around the globe, said: โ€œItโ€™s 2019. Can we all now call it what it is: climate breakdown, climate crisis, climate emergency, ecological breakdown, ecological crisis and ecological emergency?โ€




Strategic Demands of the 21st Century A New Vision for a New World.png

Strategic Demands of the 21st Cenrury (PDF)


Strategic Demands

A New Vision by Roger Morris & Steven Schmidt

Strategic Demands: Ominous 2019

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/carnegie-nuclear-policy-conference/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/regional-nuclear-conflict-global-nuclear-catastrophe/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/global-security-fears-climate-and-u-s/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/back-to-the-brink-nuclear-catastrophe/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/dems-re-intro-bill-to-prevent-nuclear-first-use/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/bulletin-of-atomic-scientists-two-minutes/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/nukes-nuking-nuked/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/kcna-re-denuclearization/

โ€ข https://www.strategicdemands.com/hello-down-there/


Jerry Brown Joins with The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

California Governor Jerry Brown to focus on 'existential threats', climate and nuclear weapons, as his fourth term in office draws to a close and his next chapter of life begins:

"I'm a planetary realist. We are linked in this community of people, 7.3, 7.4 billion people whether it's cyber, or the international monetary system, or weather, or disease, or climate change or habitat destruction, or if there's a nuclear war. For the first time in history we're all linked together. So there is a planetary quality to our politics, or there should be."


Jerry Brown's warning with the Atomic Scientists

โ€œThe blindness and stupidity of the politicians and their consultants is truly shocking in the face of nuclear catastrophe,โ€ Brown said. โ€œWe know that thousands of these weapons on high alert could be launched by mistakeโ€ฆ. We are almost like travelers on the Titanic, seeing the iceberg up ahead but enjoying the elegant dining and the music.โ€

โ€œThe danger and probability is mounting that there will be some kind of nuclear incident that will kill millions, if not initiating exchanges that will kill billions.โ€

Doomsday Clock - 2019.png

Re: the Risks of Nuclear Weapons @StrategicDemands, GreenPolicy360's associate


Rethinking the Risks of Nuclear Weapons

A Nuclear first use hearing.png



Visit GreenPolicy360's associate, Strategic Demands

Nuclear use? What is it there for, if it canโ€™t be used?
โ€” The U.S. President

Nuclear Weapons

StratDem Q3-Q4 2017.png

โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹

โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/nuclear-issues-cold-war-2-0/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/stewards-of-the-apocalypse/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/costsofwar/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/oversight-us-nuclear-arsenal/


Nedded Now: A New Vision Advancing Nuclear Non-proliferation

โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/nuclear-weapons-treaty-adopted-historic-moment/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/long-game-diplomacy-war/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/status-nuclear-ban-negotiations/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/the-trump-doctrine/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/day-to-remember-june-1-2017/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/the-way-of-war/
โ€ข http://strategicdemands.com/eco-nomics-new-definitions-security/

โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹

We Must Change our Vision of Security to International Cooperation

Strategies of Survival, 'Eco-nomics' and Sustainable Progress

Green New Deal

National Security Shifts from Climate Science and Nuclear Weapons Control

US President drops climate change from national security strategy

The U.S. stance represents a sharp change from the Obama administrationโ€™s national security strategy

Trump administration rejects international consensus on containing global warming and limiting nuclear weapons

U.S. turns away from leadership in the international community in clean energy and advocates a return to nuclear weapons dominance


Climate News
Earth Right Now
Earth Science Vital Signs

Earth Science Research from Space
Earth and Space, Politics

Earth from the ISS.gif

โ…  โ…ก โ…ข โ…ฃ โ…ค โ…ฅ โ…ฆ โ…ง โ…จ โ…ฉ โ…ช โ…ซ --- โ…ซ โ…ช โ…ฉ โ…จ โ…ง โ…ฆ โ…ฅ โ…ค โ…ฃ โ…ข โ…ก โ… 

Responsibilities of Planet Citizens


Nuclear Threat Sept 19, 2017.png

SJS / GreenPolicy360 Siterunner:

Over the decades in my political work, I have endeavored to develop "new definitions of national security."

Earth Systems Science, Environmental Security

Earth Day Memories on the 50th Anniversary

In the late 1960s, inspired by the nascent moments of the modern environmental movement with images from an Apollo mission of the Earth rising from beyond the moon, a life-changing January 1969 cover of Life Magazine, and 'Whole Earth' realizations being shared for the first time, I began my involvement in larger strategic questions.

My initial political mentor George E. Brown and new relationships with thoughtful figures such as Dan Ellsberg at Rand Institute in Santa Monica brought insight into war and peace and challenged me.

The opportunity to become involved in the first Earth Day expanded my vision far beyond academic constraints and I began to explore connections between environmental security and international, global affairs.

Today the mission continues: To create a new security paradigm, a school of thought that identifies and advances contours of "real and resilient security".

Strategic Demands: A New Vision for a New World

Security Brief prepared for the Green Institute by Roger Morris & Steven Schmidt
Strategic Demands @ GreenPolicy360

โ…  โ…ก โ…ข โ…ฃ โ…ค โ…ฅ โ…ฆ โ…ง โ…จ โ…ฉ โ…ช โ…ซ --- โ…ซ โ…ช โ…ฉ โ…จ โ…ง โ…ฆ โ…ฅ โ…ค โ…ฃ โ…ข โ…ก โ… 

New Definitions of National Security.png

Visit GreenPolicy's Associate -- Strategic Demands

US House of Representatives Says 'No' to Pentagon Prepping for Climate Impacts/Disruption

Republicans in US Congress Vote to Block National & Global Security



Earth Day Flag.png

Undercutting Security:

2015/16, US Congress Attempts to Cut Earth Science Research

"House Science Committee guts NASA Earth sciences budget... attack on climate research and responses"

"Republicans in the House and Senate don't want NASA studying Earth..."

Earth Science, NASA Climate Change Research Continues In Peril

"Slash and Burn Earth Sciences"


Funding cuts to NASA's critical Earth science and space technology programs?

On May 1, 2015, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Director Dr. John P. Holdren issued the following statement on proposed funding cuts to NASA's critical Earth science and space technology programs:

"If enacted, the NASA authorization bill headed to the House floor later this month would do serious damage to the Nationโ€™s space program, as well as to Earth-observation and Earth-science programs essential for predicting, preparing for, and minimizing the damage from disasters both natural and human-induced...

The House bill would also gut the NASA โ€œmission to planet Earthโ€โ€”the satellite observations and related research that provide key measurements and insights relevant to forecasting and tracking hurricanes, fighting wildfires, observing the state of the worldโ€™s farms and forests, mapping the extent of droughts, measuring the stocks of groundwater, and monitoring the likelihood of landslides. The draconian cuts in the House bill would also delay advances in our ability to research and prepare for volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis and blind us to changes in the Earthโ€™s oceans and ice sheets that can be discerned only from space.

NASAโ€™s mission to observe, understand, and explore the solar system and the cosmos beyond has long been matched in importance by its mission to use the unrivaled vantage point of Earth orbit for looking downward, to better understand the only home that humanity currently has. It is difficult to understand why, at this time of U.S. leadership in both the outward-facing and inward-facing facets of NASAโ€™s operations in space, the Congress would want to undermine that leadership and sacrifice the panoply of benefits it brings to the Nation."

Visit NASA Science @ GreenPolicy360


Environmental Law

Environmental Protections Nationally and Globally

Climate Change Laws Around the World
Trends in Climate Change Legislation

Earth Right Now.png

Blue green lines 1.png

National Security & Environmental Security: Editorial Opinion from GreenPolicy's Associate, Strategic Demands


You can manage only what you can measure Dr David Crisp, OCO-2, June 2014 m.jpg

Tag: Eco-nomics, a 21st Century paradigm in development @GreenPolicy360


Multi-Sum Security: Five Distinct Dimensions

Five discrete but overlapping dimensions of global security are discussed โ€“ including the oft-overlooked importance of transcultural security โ€“ to extend beyond the traditional, statecentric security paradigm.

Since the 1990s, there have been a number of attempts to broaden the conception of security beyond the purely state-centric model. A cooperative security concept was advanced in response to the realization that states needed to cooperate to tackle the multiple security challenges that were identified in the post-Cold War era. This concept suggested that national security was no longer just a national concern and called for enhanced cooperation between states.



In the U.S., the worldโ€™s second-largest producer of greenhouse gases, transportation makes up the largest share of emissions.

Plugging in cars and trucks is a critical national challenge. How far has the U.S. progressed in its move to electric vehicles and transportation networks?

โ€ข https://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/Climate_News

โ€ข https://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/Planet_Citizens

โ€ข https://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/Planet_Citizens

โ€ข https://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/Earth_and_Space,_Politics

โ€ข https://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/Earth_Science_Research_from_Space



โ€ข https://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/Category:Envirosecurity

Ultimate Security-Environmental-Political.png

Environmental Security and a Thin Blue Layer around the Home Planet.png

'Thin Blue Layer' of Earth's Atmosphere 2.jpg


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