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GreenPRO Index Page

Listing of all current GreenPRO categories

Other Websites with Comprehensive Policy Lists

Acorn Living Wage Webpage: http://www.acorn.org/index.php?id=878

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Ordinance Page: http://www.celdf.org/Ordinances/tabid/61/Default.aspx

Community Wealth: http://www.community-wealth.org/

Living Wage Resource Center: http://www.livingwagecampaign.org/index.php?id=1958#camp271

MRSC - Regulation of Large Retail (Big Box) Establishments: http://www.mrsc.org/Subjects/Planning/BigBoxRetail.aspx

New Rules: http://www.newrules.org/

Smart Communities Network: http://www.smartcommunities.ncat.org/

Recycling for Building Contractors: http://www.recycleworks.org/pdf/CD_office_guide.pdf

Wal*Mart Watch: http://walmartwatch.com/battlemart/examples/cat/zoning_regulations

Alphabetical Index by Subject (or search to the left)


Affordable Housing -- see "Housing"


Model Resolution for a City to Join Sweatfree Consortium

AFSCME Resolution Opposing Sweatshops

Albany County, NY Resolution Against Child Labor and Sweatshops

Allegheny County, PA Sweatshop Ordinance

Brookline, MA Anti-Sweatshop Resolution

Broome County, NY Resolution Against Child Labor and Sweatshops

James Madison Univ., VA Student Sweatshop Labor Bill of Opinion

Los Angeles, CA Anti-Sweatshop Ordinance

Madison, WI Anti-Sweatshop Apparel Procurement Policy

North Olmstead, OH Resolution Concerning Sweatshops

Olympia, WA Purchase of Clothing and Footwear from Responsible and Ethical Contractors

Pittsburgh, PA Proclamation Toward the Elimination of Sweatshops

Portland, OR Sweatshop Free Procurement Policy

San Francisco, CA Sweatfree Contracting


Big-Box Retail Regulations

Albuquerque, NM "Big-Box" Regulations

Chicago, IL Big Box Living Wage and Benefits

Inglewood, CA WalMart Loses Initiative

Nashville, TN Resolution to Require Big Box Retailers to Pay Prevailing Wages

Oakland, CA Zoning Caps Superstores

Turlock, CA Regulation Regarding Large-scale Retail Stores

[See also New Rules link above]

"Buy Green" Policy

Model Environmentally Preferable Products Policy from King County, WA

Model Waste Wise Purchasing Policy

Berkeley, CA Unified School District Green Procurement and Sustainable Procedures Policy

Boulder, CO Environmental Purchasing Policy

Duke University, NC Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guidelines

Durango, CO Environmental Purchasing Policy

King County, WA Environmental Purchasing Policy

Lawrence, KS Environmental Procurement Policy

London (England) Fire Brigade Green Procurement Policy

Nevada County, CA Green Procurement and Sustainable Practices Policy

Oberlin College, OH Green Purchasing Policy

Pinoleville Pomo Nation (CA) Green Procurement Policy

Sacramento County, CA Environmental Purchasing Policy

San Jose, CA Environmentally Preferable Procurement Policy

University of Buffalo, NY Environmentally Sound Products Procurement Policy

The University of Winnipeg, Manitoba Green Procurement Policy

Ventura County, CA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy


Capital Punishment

Carrboro, NC Resolution Calling for a Moratorium on Executions

Davidson County, TN Resolution Regarding a Moratorium on Capital Punishment

Marin County, CA Resolution Regarding a Moratorium on the Death Penalty

Tompkins County, NY Resolution Calling for Abolition of the Death Penalty

Climate Policy

Resource link: ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection project

U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

Contra Costa County, CA Resolution on Climate Stabilization Declaration

Davis, CA Resolution Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

East Lansing, MI Climate Protection Resolution

Fort Collins, CO Resolution to Join the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign

Kansas City, MO Resolution on Climate Protection

Lowell, MA Passes Energy Resolution Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

Portland, OR and Multnomah County Global Warming Action Plan

Santa Monica, CA Addresses Climate Change

Silver City, NM Resolution to Implement a Citizens Advisory Committee on Climate Change

Sun Valley, ID Resolution Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

Tacoma, WA Resolution on Climate Change and Global Warming


Austin, TX Smart Growth Initiative

Carlsbad, CA Livable Communities

Dunn, WI Land Use Planning and Open Space Preservation

Manchester, VT Community Vision

Montgomery County, PA Green Fields/Green Towns Program

Poulsbo, WA Adopts Smart Growth Goals

San Francisco, CA Livable Communities

Washington Township, MO Cluster Housing

Corporate Accountability

Arcata, CA Resolution on Corporate Personhood

Belfast Township, PA restrict corporate farming

Berkeley, CA Resolution on Corporate Rights

Boulder, CO Public Campaign Financing

Humboldt County, CA Measure T

Point Arena, CA Resolution on Corporate Personhood

Porter Township, PA abolish corporate constitutional rights

Rush Township, PA abolish corporate constitutional rights

Southampton Township, PA restricting corporate rights

Culture - Art and music

Chicago, IL Public Art

Nashville, TN Art and Domestic Violence

Oakland, CA Public Art

Syracuse, NY Public Art Ordinance


Disability - See Human Rights



Bridgeport, CT Local Scholarship Fund

Hammond, IN Scholarship Program

New York, NY Scholarship Program for City Workers

Election System Reform (Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), proportional representation and more)

Agoura Hills, CA Campaign Reform

Ann Arbor, MI charter amendment

Burlington, VT charter amendment

Cambridge, MA proportional representation

Davis, CA initiative

Ferndale, MI initiative

Oakland, CA initiative

Pierce County, WA Instant Runoff Voting

San Francisco, CA Instant Runoff Voting

San Leandro, CA initiative

Takoma Park, MD Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)

Vancouver, WA initiative

Energy Policy (See also Municipal Electricity)

Aspen, Colo Renewable Energy

Berkeley, Calif Renewable Energy

Boulder, CO Citizens Pass First Carbon Tax in Nation

California Communities Stringent Green Building Policies

Chicago, Illinois Energy Plan

Los Angeles, Calif Dept of Water and Power Rooftop Solar Incentive

Sacramento, Calif to buy Solar Energy from Customers

San Diego, Calif Regional energy Plan

San Francisco, Calif Energy Independence Initiative

San Francisco Renewable Energy Initiative

Washington, DC Encourages Hybrids and Discourages SUVs


Farm and Food Policies

Model Right to Farm Ordinance from Massachusetts

Ashtabula County, OH Soil And Water Conservation District Farmland Preservation Executive Summary

Bates College, ME Local Food Initiative

Berea College, KY Local Food Initiative

Berkeley, CA School District Organic and Local Food

Berkeley, CA School Board Resolution Against Irradiated Meat

Bernards Township, NJ Farmland Preservation Resolution

Dallas. TX Requires Local Food in Farmer's Markets

Davis, CA Right to Farm & Farmland Preservation Ordinance

Emory University, GA Sustainable Food Initiative

Jefferson County, NY Right to Farm Law

Larimer County, CO Right to Farm Resolution

Livermore, CA Right to Farm Ordinance

Los Angeles, CA School Board Resolution on Obesity Prevention

Los Angeles, CA School Board Resolution Prohibiting The Use of Irradiated Food

Mt. Pleasant, MI Resolution on Farmland Preservation Program

Oglala Sioux Tribe (SD) Ordinance on the Growing of Industrial Hemp

Seattle, WA Resolution on Strengthening the City's Food System Sustainability and Security

Seattle, WA School Board Policy on “Competitive Foods” (Junk Food)

Walworth County, WI Comprehensive Land Use and Farmland Preservation Ordinance

Washington, DC School Board Resolution Prohibiting the Use of Irradiated Food

Washington Township, MO Farmland Protection


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Rights

Gulf Islands School District (Canada) Pro-Active Diversity Policy

Illinois Federation of Teachers Resolution in Support of Civil Marriage

Oakland, CA Resolution in Support of Civil Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Seattle, WA Resolution on Developing Effective Options for Resolving Discrimination in City Employment

Takoma Park, MD Resolution in Support of Same Sex Marriage

Genetic Engineering

Sample Ordinance Banning Genetically Engineered Food

Sample Ordinance Banning Genetically Modified Crops

Sample Resolution for Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

Amherst, MA Resolution on a Legislative Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Foods & Crops

Arcata, CA Ordinance to Regulate Genetically Engineered Organisms

Boulder, CO Bans Genetically Engineered Crops from City-Owned Land

Brooklin, ME Votes to be GMO-Free Zone

Charlemont, MA Resolution on a Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Crops

Cleveland, OH Resolution Concerning the Labeling of Genetically Manipulated Foods

Mendocino County, CA Bans Genetically Altered Crops and Animals

Minneapolis, MN City Council Passes Strong Anti-GE Pro-Organic Food Resolution

Point Arena, CA Genetically Modified Organisms Ordinance

San Francisco, CA Board Passes Anti-GE Food Resolution

San Luis Obispo County, CA Failed Initiative to Prohibit the Growing of Genetically Engineered Organisms

Santa Cruz, CA Ordinance Establishing a Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Crops

St. Paul, MN City Council Passes Resolution on Genetically Engineered Food

Sonoma County, CA Ordinance to Prevent Agricultural & Environmental Contamination from Genetically Engineered Organisms

Trinity County, CA Ordinance on Genetically Engineered Organisms


Health Insurance

Ithaca, NY Health Alliance

San Francisco, Calif Health Care Accountability


Austin, Texas Equal Employment/Fair Housing

Beavercreek, Ohio Fair Housing

Bellevue, Washington Affordable Housing

Bellingham, Washington Tax Exemptions For Multi-Family Housing

Bethlehem, Penn: Fair Housing

Contra Cost County, Calif Affordable Housing

Fremont, California Housing Scholarship Program

Howard County, Indiana Fair Housing

Kenosha, Wisconsin Fair Housing

Kirkland, Washington Affordable Housing

Montgomery County, Maryland Moderately Priced Dwelling Units

Olympia, Washington Multi-family dwelling tax exemption

Port Townsend, Washington Development Charge Deferrals for Low-Income Housing

Portland, Oregon Affordable Housing

Portland, Oregon Alternative Design Density Overlay Zone

Redmond, Washington Affordable Housing

Sacramento County, Calif Affordable Housing

San Diego, Calif Affordable Housing

San Mateo, Calif Below Market Inclusionary Program

Santa Fe, New Mexico Affordable Housing Roundtable

Sarasota, Florida Downtown Density Bonus and Attainable Housing Policy

St. Louis, Missouri Affordable Housing

Silver City, New Mexico Fair Housing

Stevens County, Minnesota Fair Housing

Teton County, Wyoming Affordable Housing

Vancouver, Washington Accessory Dwelling Units

Human Rights and Non-Discrimintation

Alexandria, Virginia Human Rights

Arlington County, Virginia Human Rights

Boulder, Colorado Prohibition of Discrimination

Champaign, Illinois Human Rights

Columbus, Indiana Human Rights and Discrimination

Cook County, IL Human Rights

Des Moines, Iowa Human Rights

El Paso, Texas Disability Anti-Discrimination

Indianapolis, Indiana Human Relations and Equal Opportunity

Kansas City, Missouri Civil Rights

Laramie, Wyoming Bias Crime Reporting

Madison, Wisconsin Disability Non-Discrimination

Michigan City, Indiana Human Rights

Nashville, Tennessee Disability

Orange County, North Carolina Civil Rights

Portland, Oregon Civil Rights

Richland, Washington Human Rights

San Francisco Small Business and Non-Discrimination Contracting

Sheboyagan, Wisconsin Disability

Spokane, Washington Human Rights

St. Paul, Minnesota Human Rights

Tulsa, Oklahoma Human Rights

Urbana, Illinois Human Rights



Arcata, CA "2006 New Years Resolution" Demands Impeachment or Resignation of Bush and Cheney

Amherst, MA Resolution to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Detroit, MI Resolution for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

Takoma Park, MD Resolution for Impeachment of Bush & Cheney


Labor Issues

Elk Valley Rancheria Tribal Council, Calif Gaming Employment Rights

Itasca, IL Joint Prevailing Wage Resolution

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Resolution on the Right of Immigrant Workers to Organize

San Francisco, Calif Paid Sick Leave

San Jose, CA Prevailing Wage Policy

Stockbridge-Munsee (WI) Tribal Law on Prevailing Wages

Living Wage (also see Minimum Wage)

Allen Park, Michigan Living Wage

Alexandria, Virginia Living Wage

Atlanta, Georgia Living Wage

Berkeley, California Living Wage

Bloomington, Indiana Living Wage

Buffalo, New York Living Wage

Cambridge, Massachusetts Living Wage

Corvallis, Oregon Living Wage

Dade County, Florida Living Wage

Denver, Colorado Living Wage

Irvine, California Living Wage Requirements

Lawrence Township, New Jersey Council Large Retail Living Wage and Benefits

Lincoln, Nebraska Living Wage

Madison, Wisconsin Living Wage

Marin County, California Living Wage

Minneapolis, Minnesota Living Wage

Oakland, California Living Wage

Richmond, California Living Wage

San Diego Living Wage

San Francisco, Calif Minimum Compensation Living Wage

San Jose, California Living Wage Policy

Santa Barbara, California Living Wage

Santa Cruz, California Ordinance Pertaining to the Payment of a Living Wage

Santa Fe, New Mexico Living Wage

Santa Monica, California Living Wage

Washtenaw County, Michigan Living Wage



Ann Arbor initiative

Berkeley, Calif Marijuana Ordinance

Breckenridge, Colo Medicinal Marijuana Initiative

Burlington, Vermont Medicinal Marijuana

California City Guidelines for Medicinal Marijuana

Oakland, CA Resolution in Respect of Safe and Affordable Access to Medical Cannabis

Traverse City, Mich Marijuana Decriminalization

Minimum Wage (See also Living Wage above)

San Francisco, Calif Minimum Wage Initiative

Municipal Electricity

Auburn, NY Voters Approve Municipal Power Ownership

Six Iowa Communities Move on Municipal Electricity

Rolfe and Wellman, Iowa Vote to Approve Municipal Electricity


Nuclear Free

Allegany County, NY in Regards to Labeling of Depleted Uranium Shipments

Arcata, CA Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission

Canada Bay (Australia) Nuclear Free Zone

Davis, CA Resolution To Ban the use of Depleted Uranium

East Windsor, CT Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance

Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association (SD) Resolution Opposing Uranium Mining

Lane County, OR Nuclear Free Zone

Las Vegas, NV Prohibition Against the Transport of High-Level Nuclear Waste

Missoula County, MT Nuclear Free Zone

Olympia, WA Resolution Calling for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Santa Cruz, CA Nuclear Free Zone

Subiaco (Australia) Nuclear Free Zone

Takoma Park, MD Nuclear Free Zone Act

The Dalles, OR Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance


Participatory Governance

Introduction and information on participatory budgeting

Albany, NY Citizens' Police Review Board

Canada: 4 Examples of Participatory Budgeting

Pittsburgh, PA Citizen Police Review Board

Prince William County, VA Strategic-Based Budget Process

San Diego County, CA Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board

Seattle, WA Neighborhood Matching Fund Program

Tucson, AZ Citizen Police Advisory Review Board

Peace Initiatives

AFSCME Local 2627 Anti-war Resolution

AFSCME Local 1000 Troop Withdrawal

AFSCME Local 2083 Resolution for Bush to Step Down or be Impeached

Alameda, Calif Iraq Resolution

Arcata, Calif Resolution

Baltimore, Maryland Resolution

Berkeley, Calif Resolution

Binghamton, NY Bring the Troops Home

Chicago, IL Resolution

Corvallis, Ore Bring the Troops Home

Davis, Calif Resolution

Evanston, IL Resoltion

Fairbanks resolution calling on Rumsfeld to resign

Fairfax, Calif Opposes Iraq War

Gary, Ind Urges Immediate Troop Withdrawal

Landsdowne, Penn Bring the Troops Home

Los Angeles, Calif Against Iraq War

Maplewood, NJ Bring the Troops Home

Massachusetts 130 Townships Call for Troop Withdrawal

Oakland, Calif Resolution Against the War

Philadelphia, Penn Bring the Troops Home

Portland, Ore Bring the Troops Home

Sacramento, Calif Calls for Withdrawal from Iraq

San Francisco, Calif Resolution

Santa Barbara, Calif Resolution Against the War

Santa Cruz, Calif Calls to Withdraw Calif National Guard

Santa Monica, Calif Resolution Against a Preemptive Military Strike

South Charleston, West Virg for Immediate Withdrawal

United Autoworkers Local 393 Cut Off Funding for the Iraq War

Vermont Iraq War Resolutions in 50 Towns

Wisconsin Iraq withdrawal initiatives

Procurement policies: see Buy Green



Alamance County, North Carolina Recycling

Alexandria, Virginia Recycling

Belgrade, Maine Recycling

Berkeley, Calif Prohibition on Recyclable Poaching

Berkeley, Calif POLYSTYRENE Foam, Degradable and Recyclable Food Packaging

Buffalo, NY Recycling

Burrville, Rhode Island Recycling

Collier County, Florida: Recycling

Contra Costa County, Calif Recycling

Cottage Grove, Wisconsin: Recycling

Douglas County, Wisc Recycling

Durham, North Carolina: Recycling

Freeport, Maine Styrofoam

Grafton, Wisc Recycling

Honolulu, Hawaii Recycling

Lisbon, Maine Recycling

Litchfield, Maine Recycling

Malibu, Calif Polystyrene

McHenry County, Illinois Recycling

Meredith, New Hampshire Recycling

Monroe County, New York: Recycling

Oakland, Calif Green Food Packaging

Oakland, Calif Excess Litter Fee

Pittsfield, Wisc Recycling

Portland, Oregon Recycling

Presque Isle, Wisconsin Recycling

Rusk County, Wisc Recycling

Santa Cruz County, Calif Polystyrene

Santa Monica Bans Non-Recyclable Plastic Disposable Food Containers

Sonoma County, Calif Polystyrene Ordinance

St Croix County, Wisc Recycling

St. Paul, Minnesota Plastic Packaging

(Central) Vermont recycling

Verona, Wisc Recycling

Wayne County, North Carolina Recycling

York, NY Recycling


(Public) Smoking

Anchorage, AK Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Ordinance

Charleston, SC Smoke-Free Ordinance

Laramie, WY Smoking in Public Places

Louisville, KY Smoke Free Ordinance

Vanderburgh County, IN Smoke Free Ordinance

Sustainability Policies

Alameda County, Calif County Buildings must be LEED Certified

American Society of Civil Engineers - The Role of the Civil Engineer in Sustainable Development

Arlington, Mass Requires Silver LEED Rating for All New Construction and Renovations

Atlanta LEED Building Design

Austin, Texas

Burlington, Vermont Sustainability

Chattanooga, Tenn

Fairfax, CA Adoption of Zero Waste as a Goal

Londonderry, New Hamp

Martin County, Florida

Minnesota Sustainable Development Initiative

New York City LEED Building Design

New Pattonsburg, MO Charter of Sustainability

Oakland, CA Zero Waste Strategic Plan

Olympia, Wash

Oregon Solutions for a Sustainable Future

San Diego, Calif Sustainable Building Policy

San Francisco, CA Commission on the Environment Zero Waste Goal

Santa Monica, Calif

Steele County, Minn -- Green Source 2020

Tucson, Ariz


Toxic Pollution

Ann Arbor, Mich Mercury Thermometer Ban

Duluth, Minn Mercury Thermometer Ban

Rockland County, NY Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and best available retrofit technology act

San Francisco, Calif Mercury Thermometer Ban


Model Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities

Carrboro, NC Resolution Regarding Bicycle Friendly Communities

Davis, CA Resolution Regarding a Bicycle Advisory Commission

Las Cruces, NM Resolution on Bicycle Parking Design Standards

Lemoore, CA Resolution to Adopt Regional Bicycle Plan

Nashville and Davidson County, TN Resolution on Regulation of Sidewalk Obstructions

New York City, NY Purchasing Clean Vehicles

New York City, NY Reduce Diesel Emissions

New York City, NY Pollution from Buses

Overland Park, KS Resolution to Facilitate Bicycle Usage

Portland, OR Bicycle Master Plan

San Francisco, CA Resolution for an Alternative Fuels Bus Program

Wilsonville, OR Resolution Regarding Funding of a Shared Bicycle and Pedestrian Path



Austin, TX Watershed Protections

Cambridge, MA Resolution on Watershed Protection

Fairfax, CA Resolution to Protect Stream Conservation Areas

Grand Junction, CO Watershed Protection Ordinance

Ocean County, NJ Dune Protection


Model Ordinance Pertaining to a Prohibition to Feeding Wild Animals

Aspen, CO Wildlife Protection

Colorado County Prairie Dog Protection

Davies, FL Clearing of Potential Wildlife Habitat

Pitkin County, CO Wildlife Protection

Skamania County, WA Fish and Wildlife Protection

Women's Rights

Cook County, IL Resolution Supporting Ratification by the U.S. of CEDAW

Oakland, CA Resolution in Support of CEDAW

Philadelphia, PA Pro-Choice City Status

Santa Cruz County, CA Resolution Supporting Ratification by the U.S. of CEDAW



Indianapolis, Indiana After School Projects

Janesville, WI Summer Camp Scholarship Program

Janesville, WI Youth in Government Program

Louisville, Kentucky Summer Camp Scholarships

San Jose, California After School Programs


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