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Welcome to Our GreenPolicy MediaWiki Network

GreenPolicy360 -- Greening Our Blue Planet

GreenPolicy360 is an interactive online community designed to share green best practices.

We believe in "change, change for the better" as 'planet citizens' of a blue-green 360° world so magnificently first viewed in December 1968 from the Apollo 8 mission.

The GreenPolicy360 network is a clearinghouse where you can find what works and 'repurpose' green policies and practices without ‘reinventing the wheel’. Take the green best practices offered via Topics and Categories and pass them along. Offer your green success stories and practical solutions by uploading your model green practices for all to use.

GreenPolicy360 encourages all in our global network to work in keeping with the importance of facts and science.

We are planet citizens and planet citizens, planet scientists.

Planet Citizens

Time for Planet Citizen Action 🌎


Steven Schmidt @Wikipedia / Siterunner @GreenPolicy360
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GreenPolicy360, Facts & Data
GreenPolicy360, Our Policy on Science

Introduction to GreenPolicy360
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GreenPolicy360 highlights green, environmental success stories, models, prototypes, templates, proposals and initiatives, resolutions, laws and ordinances. All of the elements how to envision and create successful green campaigns are made available and easily accessed. Take the best green ideas, try them, share them and send them around via social media as guide lights, city-to-city, community-to-community, region-to-region.

Our site runs on an open source MediaWiki platform.

We are a MediaWiki Open, Global Network

Wikipedia, Wikimedia, MediaWiki, and wiki

We Encourage Sharing of our GreenPolicy360 content/data

GreenPolicy360 News, Stories, Media, Best Practices, Initiatives, Projects and Programs have been shared tens of millions of times. Our GreenLinks global network enables sharing designed for community-to-community, individual and peer-to-peer distribution. Sharing multiplies the green message, ripples become waves. Create green waves of change!

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

GreenPolicy360 requests that all sharing and/or use of our content is accompanied with attribution to GreenPolicy360.net

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Change the World

We are changing the world, the way governments run, the way businesses run, the way the world works. We are bringing sustainable change that will positively impact all of our lives and our environments. GreenPolicy's blue-green waves ripple through our world. From local to global, green actions day-to-day in every community are acting to change the world for the better.

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Our Origin with Green Institute

SJS / Siterunner: GreenPolicy360 began as a project proposed to the Green Institute by your GreenPolicy siterunner. At the time I was a co-founder of the Green Institute and its publishing director. As envisioned, our GreenPolicy online network set out to be a GreenLinks global resource of shared green 'best practices'. Our goal imagined green policies flowing into practice, from local to global, a kinetics of action and dynamic change.

Green Institute's director, Dean Myerson, and the advisory board including Bill McKibben who was about to begin his "Step It Up" global warming campaign and 350.org, said "Go, greenlight" to the original GreenPolicy best practices online network. We launched!

In 2006, our first test version site went online in beta. By 2008, we had expanded our network, renamed as 'GreenPolicy360', and Green Institute transferred its .net/.com/.org domains and oversight to our current green team and MediaWiki cooperative model.

In the years following, the GreenPolicy project has grown steadily. We have tens of million views of the main home site, and tens of millions more shares, forwards and re-forwards of content and pages. Our GreenLinks network is global and our PlanetCitizens media is reaching a worldwide audience.

Our partnered organization, Strategic Demands @strategicdemands.com continues its influential work developing 'new definitions of national and global security.' GreenPolicy has extended its outreach with an eco Operating System (eOS) of sites (including thinbluelayer.com and has linked with NASA mission management and scientific studies of Earth's 'Thin Blue' atmosphere. We are expanding capabilities and apps, and linking green initiatives, policies and practices in a growing worldwide open source network.

Ongoing operating systems updates include Semantic MediaWiki updates and constant online security improvements.

Additional news and comments from our GreenPolicy360 siterunner can be seen @ User talk:Siterunner

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Visit GreenPolicy360, Act Out, Step Up

GreenPolicy360 Action Categories


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The GreenPolicy360 eOS Plan


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GreenPolicy360 Social Media Network


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Contact GreenPolicy
e-Mail: GreenPolicy360@gmail.com
Home Base - Clearwater, Florida

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