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Earth Summit

Planet Citizen Visions of Living Earth
GreenPolicy360: #GrowingGreen, #GoingGreen

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"Greening Our Blue Planet"

On Earth | September 2023
Green Stories of the Day ~ Climate News

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Connecting & sharing stories changing the world
Time to act to make a difference

GreenPolicy360's eOS / eco Operating System
Tens of Millions of Visits, Interactions & Shares



"Thin Blue"
Look at how thin our atmosphere is




Earth Flag-2.png About Us | Green360

Planet Citizens, our challenge is to improve Quality of Life & Secure our Common Future
Join in, create your own green stories... Step up & act to make a positive difference every day
Now is time to go beyond old ways of thinking & shape new visions of our living Planet Earth

Nature is sending a message: Act Now Before It's Too Late"

Bug eyes in the rainforest canopy Photo by Don Perry-2.jpg

'Bug Eyes' says now is the 'Time to Open Your Eyes'


Goodall on the power of the young.png

Celebrating Earth Day | 2023
"Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day"


Earth day flag waves.jpg

SJS/GreenPolicy360: Sparked by young activists, the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 presented beginnings of a wave, a powerful expression of green ideals and ideas emerging in a serious and historic event. Today Earth Day continues on as a movement and a political cause. Now we are a diverse mix across the globe with many nationalities, voices, faiths, religions, colors and ages. We witness the young out in front with energy. We continue on year after year, decade after decade. Across our home planet, we are #PlanetCitizens. We are a work-in-progress.







Nations promise to protect 30 percent of planet and slow extinction of species

Living Earth.png

Nearly Every Country Signs On to a Sweeping Deal to Protect Nature.png


Time Nov 10 2022 COP27.jpg


"EOS", an Earth Observing System going back to the beginnings of Earth Science Research from Space
GreenPolicy360 looks at visionaries who set in motion first-of-its-type digital, multispectral imaging of Planet Earth

Earth Observing System - fleet of satellites.png


Apollo Earth 350x350.jpg


๐ŸŒŽ Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement
Christina Korp Earth Day and Apollo 8.jpg


Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth

GreenPolicy360 Page Highlights

Earth Breathing.jpg

Earths two lungs.png


Planet Citizens

Time for Planet Citizen Action ๐ŸŒŽ


Strategies of Resilience & Survival

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Earth Science to Protect a Sustainable Earth

Earth System Observatory.jpg

OCO-3 video.jpg

OCO-3 launched to measure earth's atmospheric CO2
OCO-2 mission to measure/monitor CO2 from space

Earth and Space, Politics ๐ŸŒŽ
Earth Science Vital Signs ๐ŸŒŽ
Earth Right Now ๐ŸŒŽ


ThinBlue-3 iss030e031276.jpg / Earth System Science / Measuring "Vital Signs"

NASA: You can manage only what you can measure

Q: What are the main science questions you (JPL/Caltech/NASA) hope OCO-3 will answer?

The big science question is about the movement of carbon dioxide between plants and the atmosphere.

If you look at the ground-based data, it almost looks like the planet is breathing. Plants in the northern hemisphere take up carbon dioxide as they grow in the spring and summer, reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by a few parts per million. In the fall, the leaves drop and carbon is released back into the air.

But every year is different... What we want to do is find drivers of the plant uptake of carbon and use that to better predict what will happen in the future. If we have a warmer, drier climate, will plants keep taking up as much carbon?

Environmental Security

CO2 photo.JPG


Earth in Our Hands.png Planet Citizens in Action

Climate Desk
Climate Desk.jpg

Greening Our Blue Planet

Earth in Human Hands.jpg

"Going Green" Best Practices check sm.png

Planet Citizens
Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists

Climate Change Laws Around the World
Trends in Climate Change Legislation

ClimateNews 360.jpg


New Definitions of National Security ๐ŸŒŽ

GreenPolicy360 and Associate Strategic Demands explore Earth's existential threat environment

GreenPolicy360's partner site, Strategic Demands / #StratDem




Visit GreenPolicy's Associate, Strategic Demands
"New Definitions of National & Global Security"
Nuclear Issues / Cold War 2.0


Bill Perry Is Terrified, Why Aren't You?

Bill-Perry-is-terrified.-Why-arent-you Jan2016.png

Escalating Risk of Use of Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Arms Are Back in a Big Way

Nuclear Posture Review Released
Nuclear Poker, Fire & Fury
Two Minutes to Midnight
Trump Administration Requests Largest Spending Increase for Nuclear Warheads Since 1962


Looking Back at an Imminent U.S. Threat to Use Nuclear Weapons
50 years ago, as the largest US peace movement was marching, Nixon and Kissinger were planning to use tactical nukes

Doomsday Machine-Daniel Ellsberg-Recalling the Vietnam Moratorium Oct-Nov 1969.jpg


U.S. President's Singular Authority to Order Use of Nuclear Weapons

Green Politics vs. Nuclear Weapons Proliferation


Warnings from Today's Generation
Planet Citizens, Look to the Future

Can we kick our fossil-fuel addiction fast enough?
Time is running out to rein in carbon emissions

Greta Thunberg speaks to EU - Apr16,2019.jpg

Planet Citizen Greta Speaks to the European Union

'Wake Up and Take Action'


Environmental protection
Environmental movement


Climate News / Climate Focus, Climate Politics

Strategic Demands: National Security & Global Security are interrelated
Scripps: Climate change "existential" threat to humanity

Battle in the U.S. Congress between the Climate Denial faction and Science Advocates

GreenPolicy360 / Strategic Demands / New Definitions of National Security

New Definitions of National Security



Trending 'Eco-Tags' & Links
On Being a Planet Citizen


Best Practices check sm.png

Green Issues Around the Globe, 360ยฐ, Online

Countries Worldwide/Climate Action INDC Plans

Map of the World wiki commons m.png


What happens in the North doesn't stay in the North

Arctic1 by Timo Lieber 800x480.jpg


Threat Environment

Climate News
External Costs Adding Up: Nature's 'Invisible Hand'
More Green Politics vs. 'Climate Cover-Up' from DeSmog

Globally-averaged temps thru 2015 via NASA Goddard.gif

The Fight for Earth / 2050

Toward the Hothouse.png



Pope Francis speaks of Climate, Politics, Personal Responsibility

"It would be sad, and dare I say even catastrophic, were special interests to prevail over the common good and lead to manipulating information in order to protect their own plans and interests"...
"The Pope took particular aim at those who reject the science behind global warming..."

Pope Francis on the Environment

Integral Ecology

Laudato Si

PlanetLabs homepage2016.png

โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹

Sea-Level Rise

"Vital Signs" / Sea Level / NASA

Sea-Level Change Over Time

"What's up with sea level rise?"

NASA experts update current conditions & projections of sea level rise

@EarthVitalSigns โ€ข #EarthRightNow

โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹

Protect Life, Be Pro-Life, Prevent Extinction


Endangered Species

Pesticide 'Insectageddon'

The 8 Million++ Species We Donโ€™t Know

By Edward O. Wilson / NY Times

Destruction of Life, Large 'Charismatic' Creatures & "Tiny Little Ones"

About Baselines and Change.png

Microbiomes at Risk

The most striking fact about the living environment may be how little we know about it. Even the number of living species can be only roughly calculated. A widely accepted estimate by scientists puts the number at about 10 million. In contrast, those formally described, classified and given two-part Latinized names (Homo sapiens for humans, for example) number slightly more than two million. With only about 20 percent of its species known and 80 percent undiscovered, it is fair to call Earth a little-known planet.

To effectively manage protected habitats, we must also learn more about all the species of our planet and their interactions within ecosystems.

The best-explored groups of organisms are the vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes), along with plants, especially trees and shrubs. Being conspicuous, they are what we familiarly call โ€œwildlife.โ€ A great majority of other species, however, are by far also the most abundant. I like to call them โ€œthe little things that run the world.โ€ They teem everywhere, in great number and variety in and on all plants, throughout the soil at our feet and in the air around us. They are the protists, fungi, insects, crustaceans, spiders, pauropods, centipedes, mites, nematodes and legions of others whose scientific names are seldom heard by the bulk of humanity. In the sea and along its shores swarm organisms of the other living world โ€” marine diatoms, crustaceans, ascidians, sea hares, priapulids, coral, loriciferans and on through the still mostly unfilled encyclopedia of life.

Do not call these organisms โ€œbugsโ€ or โ€œcritters.โ€ They too are wildlife. Let us learn their correct names and care about their safety. Their existence makes possible our own. We are wholly dependent on them.

Planktonbluegreen tinyones.jpg


Warming Oceans, Threats to Life

Phytoplankton & Photosynthesis

Plankton: The Ocean Food Chain & Producer of Our Atmosphere's Oxygen

"A single kind of blue-green algae in the ocean produces the oxygen in one of every five breaths we take" ~ from "The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Oceanโ€™s Are One" by Sylvia Earle

Seventy percent of the Earth's surface is ocean... here, in myriad life forms, "tiny blue-green" organisms are essential to preserving life on the planet.

"Tiny Blue Green"

More than Meets the Eye, the 'Tiny Little Ones'
TinyBlueGreen @GreenPolicy360

Phytoplankton - the foundation of the oceanic food chain 560x396.jpg


It's All Connected

It's All Related

Tree of Life

TreeOfLifeArt s.jpg

The "Tree of Life" 1.0

Nature Us.png

Listen to Nature, Nature's Ways

Diversity is nature's strategy of survival

AskNatureAvatar s.png


GreenPolicy360's eco-economics: Next gen e-business

ECO-NOMICS guidelines.jpg


21st Century Economic Ideas in Development @ GreenPolicy360


Environmental full-cost accounting

New Economy Movement



Environmental Studies Online

Remember, facts count... Measure to Manage

Fact Checking

Earth and Space, Politics
Stats - Green Research & Science



GreenPolicy360 Archive Highlights 2021

Featured in 2021

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GreenPolicy360 Archive Highlights 2020

Featured in 2020

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GreenPolicy360 Archive Highlights 2013

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About the GreenPolicy360 Network

GreenPolicy360 Twitter.jpg


GreenPolicy360 is here for you...

Across borders, our network of websites, social media, associates and resources provide "green best practices" for all seasons. Our green news updates and online database deliver local and global green eco-policies that are actionable 24/7/365.

We've experienced millions of page visits and tens of millions of views. Our Introduction Video explains how we started and our initial goals.

We believe green dreams and green values in practice can turn 'ripples into waves' of change.

Our GreenLinks global connections, #PlanetCitizens in action, is growing as many of us see the immediate necessity of confronting the climate crisis and environmental challenges on multiple fronts.

GreenPolicy360 was developed for use in all communities, local, national, and international. GreenPolicy lets you know how other communities are dealing with key green policy issues of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Use the models and templates here to craft green legislation/proposals/resolutions/ordinances for your local community. Use our online platform to build on what has worked in other communities and locations.

Create waves of change and keep on keeping on!

"Think global and act local! Think local and act global! It's all connected, it's all related."


How to Use the GreenPolicy Site


Ecology-symbol Ron-Cobbs-1969.png

1) Browse our All Pages Index

The GreenPolicy Index is organized into Categories and Topics and lists all pages and media content.

2) Add your Ideas, Green Best Practice... Add a Keyword, a Category and/or Topic

(Note: New accounts set up option paused Oct 2021)
Add-a-Page, a New Entry to our GreenPolicy database, Click Here
We welcome your suggestions. Is there a new Category/Topic that you think should be included in our database? If so, email us your category suggestions - [email protected]. If you would like to contribute green best practices content, consider setting up an Account and follow the model of current pages, organizing content into Categories/Topics. Contact us for suggestions and/or advice.
Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on using this wiki software.

3) Google Maps

The World Map presents countries/locations and, as of 2015, is expanding green practices internationally, focusing on INDCs - climate plans and climate plan actions.

4) Browse/Search GreenPolicy360 through the use of a wide variety of Categories

Find models for green initiatives/projects in your community... discover and share green ideas of what might be possible to introduce in your community, region or country

5) Searching the site on your own terms

Enter your search words/terms in the left-sidebar 'policy search' window and choose Go or Search. You can enter a keyword, key phrase, or location, or anything you want, in any combination you want. Search terms must be at least three characters. The database will not search for two-character search strings.

6) A Note about the "background info" tab

As we continue to develop the various capabilities of GreenPolicy360, we will provide more content as 'on background' information. Note the color of a page 'background info' tab. If the tab has blue lettering, then the entry does include background information. If the tab has red lettering, it means that it does not include background information yet.

7) Our standard style guide utilizes italics for quoted material and non-italic for original text content. For additional editing/text formatting help, review these Wiki markup guides:

8) To Upload Graphic files, click on the Upload file link in the left side-bar and follow the directions. Permitted file types are pdf, png, gif, jpg, and jpeg

9) In general, content on GreenPolicy's site is offered under Creative Commons CC BY-NC license -- Reuse with Attribution-NonCommercial /

10) Additional references about Wikis and GreenPolicy360:




Visit Our GreenLinks Network

GreenLinks logo - 2.png


New Vision in a 360ยฐ Connected World


Life on Earth / Planet Citizen Perspective





Digital Citizens, Digital Rights Movement


Internet future m.jpg



Planet Citizens, Digital Rights @GreenPolicy360

FOTN 2016 WorldMap 484x316.jpg


Links via GreenPolicy's Digital360 Network

Digital Rights Movement

124K+ data sets as of 2015 -
(Parker Higgins-EFF)
Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications from Electronic Frontier Foundation
(recommended by EFF)
Lawgeek Lawrence Lessig's blog
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
Cyberlaw @Harvard
Ed Felten's "Freedom to Tinker"
Slashdot: Your Rights Online
Ernest Miller's "The Importance Of..."
Sabrina Pacifi's "Be Spacific"
Advancing the International Bill of Human Rights -
  • Fact-Checking Projects
Beginning with PolitiFact, the original project at Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida -
(FreedomPress Organizations)
Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy -
GNU Project -
  • GovFuturesLab - Reimagining governance for an age of planetary challenges and human responsibility
App4Gov (TW)
  • Internet Freedom Festival (IFF)
(Blog) -
Civic Hall -
  • Privacy Rights in the Digital Age (Published 2016)

Privacy rights in the digital age-published2016 s.jpg

Measuring the Impact of Open Data
  • Wikipedia
Jimmy Wales / Founder -
  • WWW Origins-Foundation, est. by World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee, "devoted to all people having access to the Web" -- "The Web Belongs to All of Us"



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