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<big><big>'''"The Tiny Little Ones - Plankton"'''</big></big>
<big><big>'''The "Tiny Little Ones" - Plankton'''</big></big>
:: ''"The forests of the oceans" the "grass of the seas"''
:: ''"The forests of the oceans" the "grass of the seas"''

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The Air We Breathe

"A single kind of blue-green algae in the ocean produces the oxygen in one of every five breaths we take"
~ from "The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One" by Sylvia Earle
Phytoplankton are responsible for much of the oxygen present in the Earth’s atmosphere and most of the total amount produced by all plant life.

Earth's Oxygen & the Oceans' Food Chain



Big Trouble Ahead for Ocean Microbes


Phytoplankton - Algae - Diatoms are the foundation of the oceanic food chain



The Food Chain's Weak Link: Tiny Ocean Plants Dying


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Enormous Plankton database -- May 2015


Dr Bowler: "It is temperature that determines what sort of communities of organisms we find. If we look at our data and we see what organisms are there, we can predict with 97% probability the temperature of the water they are living in."

"These organisms are most sensitive to temperature, more than anything else, and with changing temperatures as a result of climate change we are likely to see changes in this community."

The researchers say that this scientific analysis is just the beginning of measuring and monitoring. Warming oceans due to global warming/climate change present future generations with profound questions and challenges.

Worldwide view of oceans phytoplankton earth observatory nasa.gif

Phyto glowing beauty of the oceans.jpg

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The "Tiny Little Ones" - Plankton

"The forests of the oceans" the "grass of the seas"

It is estimated that marine plants produce between 70 and 80 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Nearly all marine plants are single celled, photosynthetic plankton-algae...

National Geo for Students: Save the Plankton

Students calculate how many of the breaths they take each day come from the (blue-green algae) phytoplankton, Prochlorococcus

Marine Algae: The Most Important Organism?

It is estimated that marine plants produce over 50 percent and up to between 70 and 80 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere... Nearly all marine plants are single celled, photosynthetic algae... Even marine seaweed is, many times, colonial algae. They are a bunch of single cells trying to look like a big plant ('seaweed' - kelp)... Think about it, 70 percent to 80 percent of all the oxygen we breathe... Why does so much of our oxygen come from algae? First of all, remember that the oceans cover about 71 percent of this planet and land is only about 29 percent... Overall, the production of oxygen in the oceans is at least equal to the production on land

-- Phytoplankton obtain energy through the process of photosynthesis and must therefore live in the well-lit surface layer (termed the euphotic zone) of an ocean, sea, lake, or other body of water. Phytoplankton account for half of all photosynthetic activity on Earth.

Tiny Blue Green




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