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<big>2020 NDC Tracker</big>
The Paris Agreement calls on countries to deliver new national climate commitments (NDCs) every five years that are informed by the latest advances in technology, science and shifting economic trends.
Explore the data to track which countries have signaled they will update or enhance their national climate commitments (NDCs).
[[Category:Air Quality]]
[[Category:Air Pollution]]
[[Category:Alternative Agriculture]]
[[Category:Atmospheric Science]]
[[Category:City Governments]]
[[Category:Climate Change]]
[[Category:Climate Migration]]
[[Category:Climate Policy]]
[[Category:County Governments]]
[[Category:Digital Citizen]]
[[Category:Earth Imaging]]
[[Category:Earth Observations]]
[[Category:Earth Science]]
[[Category:Earth Science from Space]]
[[Category:Earth System Science]]
[[Category:Ecology Studies]]
[[Category:Environmental Laws]]
[[Category:Environmental Protection]]
[[Category:Environmental Security]]
[[Category:Environmental Security, National Security]]
[[Category:European Union]]
[[Category:Fossil Fuels]]
[[Category:Global Security]]
[[Category:Global Warming]]
[[Category:Green Networking]]
[[Category:Green Politics]]
[[Category:Money in Politics]]
[[Category:Natural Resources]]
[[Category:New Definitions of National Security]]
[[Category:New Economy]]
[[Category:New Space]]
[[Category:Ocean Science]]
[[Category:Planet Citizen]]
[[Category:Planet Citizens]]
[[Category:Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists]]
[[Category:Renewable Energy]]
[[Category:Sea-level Rise]]
[[Category:Sea-Level Rise & Mitigation]]
[[Category:Solar Energy]]
[[Category:Strategic Demands]]
[[Category:Sustainability Policies]]
[[Category:Threat Multiplier]]
[[Category:United Nations]]
[[Category:US Environmental Protection Agency]]
[[Category:Water Quality]]
[[Category:Whole Earth]]
[[Category:Wind Energy]]
[[Category:World Bank]]
[[Category:World Wide Web]]

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