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Visit GreenPolicy360's "Climate Plans Enforcement" (Project-in-Dev 2021-2022)

"Turning National Climate Pledges & Promises into Reality"

GreenPolicy2021 initiative for Legally Enforcing National Climate Plans

"Climate Plans Enforcement" (Project-in-Dev 2021-2022)
"Turning National Climate Pledges & Promises into Reality"


Pressuring Nations to Step Up, Cooperate, and Act Now

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Tracking
Measuring and Monitoring Climate Plans & Climate Actions
'Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk'


Now is the time to go beyond "intended" climate plans actions. Intended NDCs and now the newly submitted NDCs must become measurable and powerful reality.

GreenPolicy360 is aimed at 'turning promises into reality' with our Climate Plans Enforcement project. We ask how best can governments and business, communities and all of us act to accelerate national climate action promises that came out of the international Summits in Paris (2015) and Glasgow (2021). How can we gain momentum and speed to scale up climate solutions to deal with the great challenge of our times... We believe identifying and sharing 'green best practices', those climate solutions that work best, and can be multiplied across communities and nations with their multiple governance systems, is one of the most practical ways to get to work making a positive difference.

Climate plans enforcement, laws and rules, engineering and smart design, measuring and monitoring emissions and dealing with 'hot spots' all have a place today, right now, in the tool kits of the nations of the world.


Climate Plans Enforcement - Resources




Paris Climate Summit 195 Nations Challenged INDCs.png

A Story of Intended National Climate Actions (INDCs) and Determined Actions (NDCs)

Will we move nation-by-nation and internationally with enough speed and scope in our climate actions to protect and preserve an intergenerationally thriving planet?

Intended and Nationally Determined Climate Goals

From the Paris Climate Summit's INDCs to the Glasgow Climate Summit's NDCs

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Tracking

Measuring and Monitoring Climate Plans & Climate Actions

'Talking the Talk and/or Walking the Walk'


Climate Plans Enforcement - Resources

Climate Plans Enforcement Project - 2.png


Via GreenPolicy360


Each of us, each of our nations, can make a positive difference

Earth in Human Hands.jpg

Planet Citizen Action ๐ŸŒŽ
Climate Problems, Climate Solutions


National Climate Action Plans 360

Charging Up Intended (INDCs) & Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)


Methods to enforce climate pledges-NDCs - Dec 2021.png

Tracking the Climate Promises & Pledges, Nation-by-Nation)


Countries with Largest CO2 Emissions


World map

Climate Change Laws Around the World

Trends in Climate Change Legislation

Climate Goals off course - 2018.png

Countries highest in C02 emissions

Nov 2018 /Policies of China, Russia and Canada threaten 5C climate change, study finds

Listing of Countries / Mapping Progress toward INDC Goals

Paris Climate Agreement 'Equity Check'

Climate Pledges / Equity mapping

Global Warming / Pledges mapping


Greening Our Blue Planet


China, India Move Forward, West Falls Behind on Climate Action: Latest Developments on Climate Policy

Climate Change Agr Nov 4, 2016.png

Countries Climate Action/INDC Plans
October 4, 2016, the EU voted to ratify the #ParisAgreement
The most comprehensive international agreement ever to combat man-made climate change will take effect next month, less than a year after negotiators from more than 190 countries reached international accord.
October 5, 2016 / The European Parliament yesterday approved ratification of the Paris climate accord by the European Union (EU).
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: "There are two requirements for the Paris Agreement to enter into force. Fifty-five parties to the Agreement, and fifty-five percent of greenhouse gas emissions accounted for... With the action taken by the EU Parliament, we will achieve both thresholds."
Step Up the Fight -- Now! / LA Times

Climate Action Headline News


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Map of the World wiki commons m.png

GreenPolicy continues updating climate plans and climate plan actions from countries across the globe...

Earth Day / April 22, 2016 / Countries Signing Climate Action Plans

Paris Agreement Signatures

View your country's climate action plans (INDCs / NDCs)




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