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Blue Mountains, Australia Environments Levy

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Type: Local Law1

Status: Adopted on 7/12/05

Source File: http://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/sustainableliving/environmentalinformation/environmentlevy/


Council voted on 12 July 2005, as part of setting the rates, to introduce the Environment Levy. The Levy represents a rate increase of 3.65%, which will give Council $1.174 million per year to spend specifically on environmental protection and natural resource management projects within the Blue Mountains local government area.

The Blue Mountains is currently experiencing serious environmental problems, especially weed invasion; poor water quality; localised flooding; stormwater runoff into bushland; degraded and unsafe walking tracks, worsening degraded lands (including significant erosion); failing on-site sewerage systems and an increasing number of threatened species.

Protection of the natural environment is consistent with Council's policy direction and community priority of achieving a more sustainable future for the Blue Mountains. As one of the central local government areas located within a World Heritage Area and Sydney's drinking water supply catchment, it is imperative to achieve and demonstrate leading-practise in environmental protection and natural resource management.

Residents should note that Council applied to the Minister for Local Government for $2.1 million per year. However, the Minister approved a variation to Council's general income of $1.174 million. Therefore, an adjustment of $26,000 to the Environment Levy Program will be determined each year.

The information provided on Council's Environmental Management Program and Budget refers to Council's existing environmental management program and budget, separate from Environment Levy funding.

Footnote: 1 - For the sake of consistency, Australian municipal local laws are categorized as ordinances as they serve the same purpose as their American counterparts

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