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Berkeley, CA Anti-War Resolution

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 9/13/05

Vote: Unanimous

Source File:



WHEREAS, The Council of the City of Berkeley strongly supports the women and men serving in the United States Armed Forces in Iraq and recognizes the sacrifices that each of them is making; and

WHEREAS, the costs of the call-up of California National Guard members for deployment in Iraq have been significant, as determined in lost lives, combat injuries, psychic trauma, disruption of family life, financial hardship for individuals, families, and businesses, interruption of careers, and damage to the fabric of civic life in many California communities; and

WHEREAS, these are costs which would be suffered willingly were there a threat to our nation, but which are not tolerable where there is none; and

WHEREAS, Californians have joined the Guard thinking that they would be serving their neighbors by helping with California-based emergencies, unless there was a danger to the United States requiring transfer to active duty; and

WHEREAS, stop-loss orders violate the mutual understanding between Californians in the Guard and the state and nation the agreed to serve; and

WHEREAS, there is reason to believe that the federalization and deployment of National Guard members has rendered the remaining Guard force less able to carry out its state activities effectively; and

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution provides that Congress shall have the power to “provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of the Nation, to suppress insurrections and repel invasions,” and the California State Assembly, the California State Senate, and the Governor of California to direct the training and arming of members of the California National Guard for defense of the State; and

WHEREAS, since 1986 the President and Congress have had nearly total control over state militias, including the California National Guard; now, therefore be it

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Berkeley calls upon the Governor of California to insure that the President and Congress take immediate steps to withdraw California National Guard troops from Iraq now and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Berkeley sends a copy of this Resolution to Governor Schwarzenegger, President Bush, each member of the California Congressional Delegation, and the President Pro Tempore of the California Senate.

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