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Albuquerque, NM Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

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Type: Program

Status: Established in 1992

Source File: http://www.cabq.gov/legal/adr


The ADR Mediation Program
In creating the Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") office in 1992, the City of Albuquerque has recognized the importance of utilizing ADR to allow the parties in dispute to discuss and develop their own resolutions. In most instances, the parties have the flexibility to develop creative solutions. ADR can also mend or improve the overall relationship between the parties.

The mission of the City of Albuquerque ADR Program is to: 1) decrease direct and indirect costs associated with disputes affecting the employees and citizens of Albuquerque; 2) facilitate early, informal, efficient and cost effective resolution of conflict; and 3) provide ADR educational and community outreach opportunities to the employees and citizens of Albuquerque.

The comprehensive goal of the ADR Program is to implement an easily accessible ADR process framework, complemented by trained individual dispute resolution knowledge, skills, and resources to promote the efficient and cost effective resolution of conflict.

The vision of the City of Albuquerque ADR Program is to promote the utilization of ADR to the maximum cost benefit for the City of Albuquerque by: 1) encouraging the resolution of ADR appropriate disputes at the earliest stage possible; 2) by the most expedient and least expensive method possible; and 3) at the lowest organizational level.

What is Employee Mediation?

The Employee Mediation Program is an informal, structured process designed to assist City of Albuquerque employees in discussing workplace issues and develop a more positive and productive workplace environment.

Mediators, or neutral third parties, assist individuals in working toward a mutually acceptable solution to their workplace issue. Mediation offers each party an:

  • Opportunity for each person to discuss his or her perspective of the workplace issue(s).
  • Opportunity to develop new ways of handling their workplace issue.
  • Opportunity to create an agreement that both parties are satisfied with.

Who are the mediators?
The mediators used by the ADR Office are trained and experienced in mediation skills and bring additional professional skills to the mediation.

Where and when do mediations take place?
Mediation sessions are scheduled at City Hall on the 4th Floor. The session can take place during work hours depending on the schedules of the people involved.

What is Community Mediation?
Community Mediation is a dispute resolution process designed for Albuquerque citizens and neighbors to resolve conflict and disputes within their own community.

Mediators, or impartial third parties, assist individuals in finding a mutually acceptable solution to their problem. Mediators do not blame, judge who is right or wrong, or make decisions about what should happen. In mediation you are responsible for the outcome.

Mediation provides an opportunity to express differences and improve relationships by:

1. Reducing communication obstacles in order to define and clarify issues;
2. Explore possible solutions; and
3. Create solutions that reflect the unique needs and interests of the situation.
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